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Guide To GARMIN Promotions

Time: Applied from 08/10/2021 to 31/10/2021 on only.

 1. GIFT WITH PURCHASE: Buy 01 Garmin Watch any, got 01 T-shirt/Travel Folding Bag.
Step 1: Choose 01 any Garmin Watch + 01 Garmin's gift (T-shirt / Travel Folding Bag) and add to cart. 
- Step 2: After selecting all the products you want to buy, select PAYMENT.
- Step 3: Fill in the necessary shipping information and select CONTINUE PAYMENT.
Step 4: Check the delivery information, products in the cart, gifts, promotional discounts, shipping fees, total payment, if all is correct, select CONTINUE PAYING and complete the order.


 2. LUCKY DRAW: Get a lucky code per a successful order and payment:
    - 1st prize: 01 Garmin Forerunner 55 Watch worth 4.990.000 VND when buying any Garmin watches.
    - 2nd prize: 01 Garmin packback when buying any Garmin products.

The lucky prizes will be announced on Supersports fanpage. Please follow fanpage to update the latest informations:

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