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Terms And Conditions for GARMIN - TET'S Promotion

1. Applied from 14/01/2022 to 23/01/2022 on www.supersports.com.vn.

Garmin FR945 - VND 14,990,000 discount to VND 12,790,000

    Garmin FR245 - VND 8,990,000 discount to VND 7,190,000

    Garmin FR55 - VND 4,990,000 discount to VND 4,290,000

    Garmin Venu 2S - VND 9,990,000 discount to VND 8,490,000

    Garmin Venu SQ - VND 6,190,000 discount to VND 4,990,000

    Garmin Lily - VND 4,990,000 discount to VND 3,990,000

    Garmin Fenix - VND 19,990,000 discount to VND 16,990,000

3. The promotion is limited in quantity, not redeemable for cash and DOES NOT APPLY in conjunction with other promotions or discount codes.

In case the order has an error due to out of stock, unqualified for delivery, our staff will contact the customer directly.

This offer cannot be redeemed against prior purchases. Offer can be redeemed multiple times throughout the promotional period.

Products in promotions, discounts, gifts... do not apply to exchange/ return, so please check the product carefully before receiving. Supersports will not apply to exchange/ return on orders confirmed of inspection by customers.

The usual delivery timeframes may be affected due to major events and activities, government restrictions and/or the increase in amount of orders for shipment. We appreciate your understanding.

In the event of conflicting purchases leading to stock insufficiency, Supersports has the right to cancel any purchase. Superspots will, of course, inform you immediately and reimburse any payments made.

Any fraudulent behaviour may result in cancellation of any order and/or inability to access www.supersports.com.vn.

In case there is a problem during the ordering process, please contact customer service through the following forms for instructions on handling:

  • Call Center: 1900 63 64 01 (from 09:00 to 18:00 daily)
  • Email E-Commerce (Supersports Online): ecom@supersports.com.vn
  • Email Customer Service (Offline): ce@supersports.com.vn

Customer must comply with these Terms and Conditions. Supersports has the right to limit, cancel orders without prior notice for customers who violate any part of the above Terms and Conditions.

Supersports has the right to change Terms and Conditions of this promotion anytime without prior notice.

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