Garmin Fitness Product Warranty Policy – Supersports Vietnam

When you have problems while using your device, you can visit the Garmin Support Center for possible troubleshooting steps. If your device needs repair, please see the following options: 

Note: When registering for online repair service, please remove the accessories (strap, strap connecting rod...) and only send the watchface to us. Thank you.
( Online repair service does not apply to marine products)

  • Bring the device to check directly at the service center

For further information regarding repair services, please refer to:

If you have not found an answer or have other questions, please visit the Garmin Support Center or contact the Customer Service Center:

  • Call (toll free): 1800-789977 

  • Working time:09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday (exclude Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays)

  • Email:

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